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White Mountain Clay
White Mountain Clay
White Mountain Clay
White Mountain Clay
White Mountain Clay

Price: 9.99

Edible White Mountain clay. Super earthy and rainy tasting. Absolutely delicious!

White mountain clay has that mouth watering rainy aroma. It is mined straight from a mountainside, underneath flat rocks. As soon as the rocks are removed, a powerful earthy smell wafts. This is an Earthy Goodies find, and sure to please any pica-lover. Every pack is one pound, and comes with some of its pure white powdery dirt, cleaned and ready to enjoy.

Item type: Clay
Weight: 1.00 lb.

Clay characteristics:
Crunchiness: Crunchy at first, but not clay ore crunchy
Hardiness: medium
Creaminess: definitely creamy, with soft grit to cut it down
Grittiness: very smooth grit. perfect in my opinion
Gumminess: medium stickiness. Slightly sticks to teeth, but comes off easy due to the smooth grit
Crumbliness: none
Aroma: Deep, deep flavor. Rain pouring down rocks; flowing mud
Color: White, with occasional tinges of grey or yellow